Thursday, March 31, 2005

Bum by name, Bum by nature

Despite my best efforts... washing, scrubbing and deodorising - for the last week or so I have been smelling like a filthy tramp on the streets.

This has been disturbing me, since this is no way for any self respecting man to be. Fuck what anybody says about pheromones, any girls I have been getting close to have only been smelling tramp-o-mones.


I have found the cause.

Cheap deodorant.

When I was in Egypt I purchased some deodarant and never used it. I found the can the other day and smelled it and it smelled quite nice. So I have been using it since.

BUT - Egypt is a country not reknown for lovely smelly men.

And oddly enough, I NEVER even used deodorant out there in Egypt but still I never smelled even though I was sweating like a mother fucking pig. So fucked if I know how I smelled so fresh and clean.

Anyway, in a country where I produced no smell, a cheap deodorant would be oddly effective.

But in a country where I barely sweat at all, when I use this cheap nasty deodorant I smell to high heaven. Which has been causing me some stress and bother.

So I have put the can into the dustbin and tomorrow I must buy some good stuff.


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