Monday, March 21, 2005

Midnight in the Garden

Last night I left her house at 4:30am and I walked along the nearly deserted streets of South London for a couple of miles until I saw my friend driving along the road. I flagged him down and got a lift the rest of the way home.

I like walking at night. I smoked a cheap cigar and just paced one foot after the other. On my iPod was the soundtrack to the movie Gladiator. I like listening to move soundtracks as there are no lyrics to interfere with my thoughts, but the music is emotive, and in this case epic and triumphant.

I thought to myself of the tasks I have ahead of me. I clarified some and filed away a few others.

I would consider myself to me a very sociable person, yet I enjoy time along to myself to just think. The cold night air is crisp and sharp. And of course, at night, a mans senses are heightened - there is a natural affinity with the darkness. The hunter gathered instincts kick in.


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