Wednesday, March 16, 2005

The Wedding March


As chief usher the LORD OF DOOM stood at the back of the church clad in traditional morning dress. His shoes were buffed and shined and he was groomed and scrubbed beyond his normally impecable standards.

The Organist begun to play, and THE BRIDE began to walk along the aisle towards the waiting GROOM. Only the BEST MAN and the usher had seen his hands trembling.

The LORD OF DOOM stood proudly looking at them. He had known the GROOM since the two of them were 3, and now 23 years later, standing and watching his oldest friend about to take his wedding vows the LORD OF DOOM felt a rush of emotion. Joy and happiness. The LORD OF DOOM would not cry, but he was intrigues to see how far this rush of emotion would take him.

Truly this day was a beautiful day. My oldest friend was married today. And truly I wish them nothing but the best. Through thick and thin I pray that they may each day, learn to love one another more.

Never before have I been so close to a couple getting married - this is the first one of my close friends to be married and it was an honour and a privilidge to be involved. As I posted before this event signifies a change as this man is the first among us to become married... and it signifies the evolution and growth from boyhood into manhood.

Amusingly enough on the wedding day there would be quite a few things that I could nit pick at and together they could be compiled to make it what would 'seem' to be the wedding from Hell. But essentially none of them make any real difference. The purpose of the day was the celebrate a marriage between two peeople and all the assembled guests and congregation were friends and family who would have no business grumbling over such trivial things.

Marriage should be a beautiful thing, and this weekend I can truly say that I had a splendid time. I had a bridesmaid fall in love with me but I had to break hear heart... she was a lovely girl, but alas she was only 12.

Blessings and good wishes to you all



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