Sunday, March 06, 2005

Good Saturday

In the morning I went to a major department store to pick up my outfit for his wedding next weekend. There is something innate in me that simply loves getting dressed up. Perhaps is satisfies my delusions of granduer.

This was good.

Anyway I got home and then went to bed at 11:24am.

at 4:00pm I woke up and I lay in bed for a while unable to move and barely able to think. I received a text message from my sister which said, "don't forget flowers for mothers day"

I had to draw upon my primal instincts and summon up all my strength and effort to pull myself from my slumber. I got to the shops and got the flowers.

Success- this pleased me.

Then I had Chicken Curry for breakfast.

This pleased me also.

Then in the evening I was supposed to go to an all night rave - but since I start work at 7:00am on Sunday I do not think this to be a great idea. Instead, however, I went and saw a play - about a British colony of prisoners and soldiers in Australia.

It was rather good.

Afterwards we went to the local bar and I got chatting with both the lead man, and the lead woman.

This was good too.

On the way home I saw a fight on the street. A man got punched and he stumbled and fell out onto the road into the path on an oncoming bus. The bus had to totally swerve to avoid running over this guys head.... had it been a second later or had their been any traffic in the opposite direction then things would have been very different. A squashed dude or a head on collision.

This incident troubled me.

Then I came home - but on the bus home bumped into an old friend and we ended up hanging out.

This was good.

Then in bed I ended up on the phone to a girl for about an hour.

This is always good.


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