Wednesday, March 09, 2005

The Long Slog.

My apologies if my postings have been thin on the ground recently.

I am not sure why... maybe this girl I am chasing is distracting me. Maybe because this edit I am doing is distracting me.

Either way, there are times when you need to back up the "front" that you give out... and there are times in your life when you need to disappear a little bit to the underground.

My priority is to get my showreel complete... until then there is precious little point in me going out and trying to get new contacts and stuff without the juice to back it up. So I need to slog it out.

This edit is tough.

Tougher yet because last night - just like last week - on my days off instead of sitting indoors and hunching over my laptop splicing beats and cutting ryhthms I was out chasing after a pretty young girl.

So I am at work now with my laptop and I will have to try and get sone editing done tonight. If I do a good 3 hours then I will be happy.


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