Monday, January 24, 2005

Let down

I am gunning for somebody.

They have postponed the shoot by 1 - 2 weeks.


She said to me, "So what next? Do you have any more ideas? Any more thoughts about locations or anything?"

"What do you mean, we have sent you the next idea, we had a meeting on Friday with _____ about it, didn't she tell you?"

"Oh yeah she did."

"Well this is a good idea, it is stong, I like it, she likes it, it will make her look good and the idea is do-able. I cannot do anything more until you greenlight the idea."

She said she would call me in a couple of days.

I said I would call her tomorrow.

And I fucking will.

The cunt of it is, is that I delayed another shoot because of this. And I want to follow this up with some other stuff. This is boring.

A stupid and boring delay.

So what the fuck do I do tomorrow? I was ready to start work on this.

If I am sensible I should start making calls about the location. We need a big nightclub for a whole day. I will probably oversleep tomorrow and do nothing.


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