Saturday, January 22, 2005

Green Light?

Holy shit.

Had a meeting today with the Artist, Me and my Producer. (The emperor)

They seem to like the idea.

(It was tough to get there, in the end we went with one of my Producers ideas and developed it to fit the song.)

The artist and her manager have two days to "greenlight" the video, which means by Sunday at the latest they have to say Yes or No.

It looks good.

Anyway, more immediate and more gratifying for me was that I saw a triple crisp girl who sat opposite me on the train ride home. As she sat down she smiled at me.

And I smiled back.

For 20 minutes or so I kept on sneaking glances at her face. She was close to immaculate. Her skin was delicate and soft, her cheeks, hair, eyes, mouth and chin looked so wonderously crafted that I could do nothing but marvel.

I made sure that I got off the train at the same stop as her and I said to her,

"Excuse me, but you have got to be the most beautiful girl that I have seen all year."

We spoke for a short while and then I said goodbye.

She was probably only 18 or 19, which is honestly a bit too young - and as she was reading her book on the train and I noticed her moving her lips as she read to herself. The only excuse for this would have been that she was foreign and learning English, but alas this was not true.

Ah well.

But I would be happy to read to her.


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