Wednesday, March 21, 2007

I am SOOOO gonna burn in hell.

Today was a big event near me and I cooked a curry, which was part of a pot luck dinner and was eaten by 50 or so people.

Quite amazing as never have so many people eaten my cooking before.

Anyway, I saw my ex-girlfriend there and of course, we were friendly and civil - but she asked me how, "****** gurl, was?"

Because on her birthday last week, I sent her a text message meant for somebody else:
"****** gurl, doesn't it break your heart to think of the fun we might be having right now?xxx"

Anyway, she said it really upset her and she was out to dinner with her NEW BOYFRIEND and my accidental text message made her have to go to the toilet to regain composure.

But, considering,

1. It was SHE who ended it with me.

2. She is the one with the new boyfriend.

What the hell is she getting upset with me for?

All I can see is that she knows she has fucked it up with me and made an irreversible mistake.
When I saw her last, she asked if there was any chance for us to ever get back to together.

My response?

"None. Not one bit"

Believe it or not - but I feel relieved, I feel joyous - I am over the moon in fact. Today I flirted mercilessly with an 18 year old. She's hot (used to do some modelling), she's intelligent (studying medicine) she's spiritual (same religion as me) and she has nice legs.

I'm better off without my ex. But although it was her who broke it off... now she is caught feeling the sting.



Blogger Lazy said...

Exactly who were you trying to convince when you wrote this?

5/06/2007 1:50 am  

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