Tuesday, May 09, 2006


Yesterday I had a bit of a mad afternoon collecting and delivering the First Cut of the Music Video.

Then I had to record the voice over and some spot effects for my short movie. One of the sound effects involved punching myself in the face. Nice.

Anyway - today I got a call from the music people.

"We don't like the editing. It needs to be more 'cutty'."

There's a chiche if ever I heard one.

I spoke with the editors and they say are hard pressed to find any more footage to cut with - saying that the footage simply isn't there.

They say either

The Lip Synch is out

Or the Framing is shit

Or the Lighting is wanky.

So they are squeeze in a few more hours and then hand me the edit. People management is always hard when there is so little money involved and sometimes it is better just to have a look myself.

So then I'll have a go at cutting it - and seeing how much Lord of Doom magic I can throw in.

Which I guarantee will be fucking loads.

But I'm the director so I know what we shot and how far we can push it. I've had a chat with my producer to discuss it all ... well it's boring to go into.

Anyway, tomorrow I have a meet with the guy who should be sorting me out some music for my short film. I've decided to ditch off the licensing of the proper track because the license they are offering simply isn't good enough.

This way I retain complete control.





Blogger london cokehead said...

Naa mate, your using too many cuts/frame and your timecode is amorphic on the rushes.

Plus your steady cam gyro has gone to sign on the dole and there's too much key grip on the pilotone film stock, it's gone all nose grease and shit..


5/10/2006 1:33 am  

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