Tuesday, May 16, 2006

Day to Day

In my day to day encounters it is common for me to meet those who are more:





than me in aspects of movie-making, and decison making and blah de blah. I accept that Intelligence IS over-rated. But seldom do I ever meet those who possess more native intelligence than I.

More common, however, are the people I meet who are truly stupid in the low-intelligence sense of the word.

Most of the time I dumb down my intelligence, and I pretend to be stupid and/or ignorant. I do not consider this to be cause problems with how others perceive me because intelligence itself can be a curse.

I know I am intelligent + and this makes me arrogant = problems with people.

Better to play it down and work on my people skills. But sometimes this does not work. Because the worst people I can go up against are idiots. Because they are too stupid to recognise when they are wrong.

And I have trouble dealing with them.


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