Sunday, April 30, 2006

I am a rascal it seems.

I did an Online DNA Personaility Test and I came up as a FREE-WHEELING DIRECTOR.

Great... do the test yourself and see what you are:

I read the descriptions of the personality type and it was surprisingly accurate about me and my traits and behaviour... but according to the test I scored only 4% on the empathy scale. To illustrate this:


0% }-me--------------------------------------------------------------------------------{ 100%

After a lot of thought I realised that maybe it is true - maybe I really do have LOW EMPATHY with other people. However, having low empathy I hope does not automatically qualify me as a cunt. My religious beliefs and moral code are quite straight and I never ask of others what I would not give myself. I think I am a loving person and I hope I treat others with respect and courtesy. My life experience and upbringing mean I have certain viewpoints that means I understand what it is like to experience

And I DO care about people.

But perhaps my behaviour is fake. Above average intelligence and perception allow me to recognise, yet maybe that is all I can manage unless I have experienced it directly. So I understand - but I cannot feel.

You Lose Your Job.

I know that it sucks.

So I say to you,

"Listen - losing your jobs sucks, I know."

But I don't really care. I don't really understand your pain. But I understand something else on a different level.

So I say to you:

"Fuck it - you're lucky. Now you get the change to begin again and try something new. You're FREE. Now is the time to follow your heart and passions. Besides - now you got a chance to watch some cool TV and chill out for a while. I'll lend you 24 on DVD."

Because I DO care. Having low empathy is a blessing. I can offer practical solutions aimed and solving LONG TERM HAPPINESS which, of course I recognise as positive.

And if this post makes no sense.

Fuck you - it's not me, it't you - you must be stupid. Read it again, you dumb mother fucker.



I love you really


Anonymous tilda said...

After a few seconds bitching in my head at the fact that I followed your stupid link, I was pleasantly suprised at how accurate the results are.

EG "You are a fashion maven, up on trends, but distinct in your own style. You don't follow trends, you set them".

Hello?? lol.

Well apparenly lord Doom, I am an 'Attentive Artist'.

And have an empathy score of 64%, and considering the kind of person I am, if I have that, you must be the devil.

5/01/2006 7:20 am  
Blogger london cokehead said...


I agree...empathetically

5/01/2006 12:57 pm  
Blogger london cokehead said...

Seemingly, I'm also an attentive creator.

with a distinct lack of trust in others!!


5/01/2006 1:10 pm  
Blogger Lili said...

Most people are apathetic to empathy. I sympathize. I think.

5/01/2006 2:12 pm  
Anonymous tilda said...

London cokehead: We practically have the same result.. LOL.
After telling me I was a fahhionista, TWICE, they informed me that I need to start trusting people in order to form real relationhips.
Hmmm.. ...

5/01/2006 11:22 pm  

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