Wednesday, November 30, 2005

Man with a Van

As I have said before: making movies is a journey. Maybe more like a quest.

You will meet Challenges and obstacles on your quest. And whilst seemingly difficult to overcome - They can be conquered.

Our first and biggest problem was finding a location. We desperately needed a place large enough to accomodate our crew and equipment but that we could make look like a small dingy flat.

I was talking to a good friend I realised he was collecting the keys to his new house in a few weeks.

"Listen - I don't suppose I can shoot this thing in your new house can I?"
"Shit man, that is serious - you don't know HOW much of a problem this was for us finding a location. You are saving my ass in a big way. I'll buy you and your missus dinner as a thank you."
"Nah, don't bother - what are friends for?"

And that was that.

I have managed to get a location free of charge, I have painted it and found furniture to fill it up with - all free of charge.

Yesterday I had a simple but huge challenge - Finding a way to MOVE the furniture to our location. (The first person who was helping me let me down) It was a really fucker, cos I promised the art director I would get it done by today and I like to always do as I say I am going to do.

Anyway, I refused to be gazumped by such a simple problem so I went to my Dad's local pub and asked him if he knew anybody with a van who could help me out. Within minutes I was on my way to a bloke who owed my dad a favour and then zim-zalaa-bim he agreed to help me out.

The bloke picked me up this morning and we went to the location and set everything up. In the end it only took 18 minutes. Anyway, I then met the art director again and we went through the props list and sorted out where we were gonna get all the stuff from.

My job right now is to paint a set of 100 fairy lights with nail polish to make them blue.

All good fun



Blogger roo roo said...

nail polish? have fun.


12/01/2005 11:51 pm  
Blogger bethanie_odd said...

don't you love how the universe holds hands to make dreams come true. its when you know you are doing things right...


12/04/2005 3:44 am  

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