Thursday, November 24, 2005

The Final Day

And now, the end has come. It is 06:22am and my last shift finishes in 38 minutes.

I've been here in the same tiny office for 2 years and 8 months. I can't profess to love this job but just now, after I have just said my farewells (and wished them all, 'peace and love') I feel a small twinge of sadness.

I almost want to shed a tear - not really sadness, not really excitement - but it#s just emotional. It is emotional saying goodbye. I said to them ,
"I don't believe in goodbye, I will see you all again - if not in this life, but in the next."

And it's true - I don't believe in goodbye - you take pieces of people with you - those who touch you for the better, you carry their spirit with you. It becomes you. Their essence touches you.

It makes me hope that in some way, that my presence here touched them in the same way that their presense has touched me. I hope they remember the Lord of Doom.

But it is not goodbye, I'm sure I'll see some of them again.

So - why am I sad? I suppose because it is the end of something. The paradigm is shifting away from it's present condition. This place. Thess people. The essense will be gone. As soon as I walk out of the office door which is right behind me.

I will go outside. Wait for the bus and go home.

My short film will occupy my time and very quickly I will forget this place. But the people here. I will remember them.

And for you, my precious readers, I offer you Peace and Love as always.




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