Tuesday, November 15, 2005

SMOKE (Pacha) London - Friday Nights

I had a dream on Thursday night where I told everybody how AWESOME the club night at Pacha was on Friday night.

I woke up on Friday morning and realised that it had not passed yet. I had not been, yet somehow I knew my dream would come true...

Anyway, 12 of us went to dinner for my friends birthday, as a favour I made sure we were all on the guest list for the club later- in the end - 3 of us went to the club. (the rest of them went home)

I've never been to Pacha in London before (I've been to the Sharm El Sheikh in Egypt one - but that doesn't really count) but never London. I knew it by reputation - the funny thing is that not many of my friends are really into that kind of music so it is actually quite a hard place for me to go to because I have nobody to go with. But I've ALWAYS wanted to go.

And my girlfriend (God bless her) tell me that she hates house music. So that makes it difficult.

She prefers Drum and Bass - Anyway - All I can say it that I HAVE CONVERTED HER. SHE FUCKING LOVES IT. Which brings a certian ammount of smug satisfaction to me. She loves it - in fact she says it is the BEST NIGHT OUT SHE'S EVER HAD IN LONDON. Furthermore, I say the same thing - in fact - All three of us who went agreed that it was the greatest club night in London that we have ever been to.


If you disagree with me then you can kiss my hairy ass.

I am 27 and my girlfriend is 21, I have PROMISED her and me that I will KEEP on going to nightclubs and having the BEST possible time for as LONG as I want to. (The other 9 people who went to dinner were all in the mid/late 20's and they were all too BORING and sad to come out to the club)

(Admittedly, due to various reasons the last six months have been quite low on the night club front and I have not been out THAT much - but I NEVER WANT TO BE THAT FUCKING BORING.)

Anyway, I posted a while ago that I was bored - Well I can totally say that Friday Night at Pacha was ALL the medicine I needed to give my life some colour and sound. And I don't even drink or take drugs.

Go figure.

For you, my dear reader, I am listening right now to a HED KANDI Twisted Disco CD and remembering my cool night out. As always I wish you peace and love.

And invite YOU to go to Pacha too.

Because it fucking rocks.



Anonymous Utopia said...

Wow, I need a club like that somewhere in the gernal vicinity of me. If one night can spice up life and give it that funky, rockin' feelin back, I definately need a club like that.

Perhaps I just need to explore some of the clubs I havn't been to in a while. Perhaps I just need to get out a bit. I am inspired. Perhaps I'll pick up a new pair of leather pants and make an adventure of it.

11/15/2005 2:02 pm  
Blogger Doom/Blondie said...

Utopia - Oh believe - one night DID add the spice to my life. Where you live anyway?

And Leather Pants....


(I think. Not totally 100% sure though)


11/15/2005 9:58 pm  

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