Thursday, November 17, 2005

22 Days until shooting

I wrote up some design notes to give to the potential Art Director. She likes the script and wants to see the notes before agreeing to work on it. As a freebie it won't pay so she doesn't want to give up too much time for nothing.

Also had to draft up some notes to woo the potential Directors of Photography. This is CRUCIAL. Finding a Good DOP will make or break this project.


a) I need to get on with them

b) They need to be fast.

c) They need to be talented.

(in reverse order)

Also, I'm gonna do a polish on the script this weekend.

Tomorrow I need to go into London to approve the new pair of Gucci Sunglasses I have ordered in at the opticians. The last pair they fucked up so they have had to order a new pair in and I have decided to chane the style and colour.


Blogger roo roo said...

Thanks. The situation is very day time drama I'm afraid.


11/18/2005 12:35 pm  

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