Saturday, August 06, 2005


In 2 and a half hours I will finish work and then have FIVE weeks off work to complete my task.

(I thought) A friend of mine was going to lend me their Mini DV camera next weekend but she has backed out which is a bit jarring because that is quite an important thing for me to get hold of.

This means I might have to buy one - and this is a bit cost just to shoot the fucking back drop to my DVD showreel.

No matter.

There are other tasks I can be completing I suppose. But I still think I am going to have to buy one anyway.

I feel I have so much shit to do, I need to write a bit to do list and then work my way through quickly and efficiently.

Honestly, I am slightly nervous, I am not really sure why - I suppose it is the uncertainty, but fuck it.

I also have a minor cash flow problem which is going to be a bit of a nuisance.

Wish me luck boys and girls


PS. I heard somewhere that the definition of luck is Preparation Meets Opportunity. So I suppose I don't need luck. I just need to prepare myself.


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