Friday, July 29, 2005

Follow your own advice?

I have decided that it is time to follow my own advice.

Although I came pretty close to quitting my job, yesterday, I have decided instead to take a months unpaid leave and I will concentrate on the objectives that I underlined in the previous post.

This actually exhilirates me.

One month with nothing to distract me from my passions.

In seven days my one month will begin. And then the fun starts!



PREDATOR 2 is one of the WORST fucking films I have ever seen - Aside from the way in which it taps into the early 90s asinine macho bullshit that permeated action cinema of that era -which lends it some post-modern merit because it is like watching somebody play an old arcade sideways scrolling shoot 'em up for 90 minutes - which to a kid of my generation does actually have an appeal. But not much.,


Anonymous Odell Stephen said...

I think it''s fucking gorgeous.

12/05/2005 6:29 pm  

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