Thursday, August 04, 2005

Shopping List

This is what I have bought in the last 24 hours.

1 x Medium sized glass fishtank

35 x Multi Coloured Glow-Sticks

50 x lightscribe DVD+R blank discs

1 x KFC Zinger Tower Burger Meal with 3 spicy hotwings.

Three of those purchases fit in with my master plan.

One will just make me a fat cunt.

But like a game of chess the pieces are fitting into place. My time has been booked off work, my plans have been made. In short: I have commited to my course of action, and I feel alive.

Two people want to see my showreel and I have promised them FOUR WEEKS - and that was 4 days ago - so it now means I have a proper deadline now.

All good fun.

And I have a casting spec to write up for this upcoming short film - part of me wants to wait until that is done before I put together my reel... but fuck it, I cannot wait, or I'll forever be waiting for the 'next' project.



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