Saturday, June 11, 2005

What an idiot I am.

Walking down the road on a hot and sunny morning in London I was the only man, probably in the whole of London wearing a wooly hat.

I took a deep breath and I walked into the hairdressers and up to the counter. Three pairs of eyes regarded me with a degree of suspicion.

"I am wearing this hat for a reason," I said to the girl on the reception.

"You need a haircut?"

A reasonable assumption.

"No, I am afraid it is worse than that."

I could have whipped off the hat in a melodramatic display but my embarrassment was such that I simply lifted a corner and showed her a tiny area of hair above my left ear.

"I fucked up my hair."

And then she called her colleage who together with her client looked over at me.

I stood there, and lifted my hat up further.

"I need you to fix this," I said with the utmost conviction as I then revealed my head full of green hair.

The hairdresser, lovely girl - of Turkish origin, same age as my girlfriend, began to laugh.

60 minute later, £60 out of pocket I left the hairdressers.

My hair, self esteem and good looks restored.

A few people later challenged my wisdom in the whole escapade. Yes it is true that I have just wasted a lot of time, effort and money. But I do think I learned something; not for the first time; but like at school, not every lesson teaches you something new. Often you go over old knowledge, but elaborate and understand a little more.

I learned to recognise and admit to a mistake. I learned that no matter how much we want something ( to dye my hair blonde like I did last summer), sometime what we get (yellow with a strong greenish hue) is never an acceptable substitute AND no matter how hard we struggle (re-bleach and colour) - it will never be the same. It is time to admit defeat and begin again.

Of course now I cannot do anything to my hair for about 12 weeks.

And next time.

I'll go to a salon and pay cash to have it done properly.

Peace and Love my children



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