Wednesday, June 01, 2005

Pulling my Thumb from my ass.

I have one final project to complete before compiling my showreel. But I also have to work out the format, and prepare the montage sequences which means MORE fucking editing.

This is my A++ Priority and has been for 18 months now.

Now I am maybe 4 weeks away from completing it and then... and only then will the new challenges begin. I remember a promise I made to myself to enjoy this because this is my life and what I choose to do. There is such uncertainty ahead of me but I must not waver.

Tonight I have finished the edit of the first music video I shot 4 months ago - an embarrasingly long time ago, but there were delays with equipment and waiting for remixes etc. I made the choice to finish the mother fucker tonight and do no more work upon it because it gets to the point when you are not really improving the overall product, you are just working away for the sake of working.

Anway, I must reorganise my work and establish my new priorities:

I think they are as follows:

a) Finalise Test Commercial

b) Digitise and edit all work into sequences for showreel

c) Create, master and duplicate showreel.

d) Shoot 2 more music videos

e) Shoot a short film.

f) Conquer the world.

(I am very excited about a 10 minute short film script that is being written.)

Anyway, it is late and I am tired.

And you probably don't care about this shit anyway.


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