Thursday, May 19, 2005

My Wife? My Love? My Life.

My name is Doom and I am 26.

Sometimes I see the future.

Or rather,

Sometimes I feel the future.

I have written this before somewhere, I heard it from a friend, and I like it,

"Somewhere out there is my wife, the mother of my children, I do not know who she is, I am thinking of her now. I wonder, is she thinking of me?"

I believe in fate, I believe in destiny, I believe that we are given what we need and it is for us to do as we please. Sometimes I believe that no matter what - not with all things, but occasionally, the eventual outcome of our actions is the same, no matter what choices we make. We still make a choice, which we can learn from, but have to answer for.

I am not militantly scouring the planet for a wife to bear me children, but I have one eye open to the reality that my wife exists, I just do not know who she is. It is up to me to recognise her when I do.

But how do I recognise somebody I do not know? How quickly will I realise that somebody is the one? How quickly will I realise that she is not the one?

I look at my girlfriend and in my head I ask myself, "Are you the one I know, yet do not know?"

In my heart I have carried clues as to her identity for a while.

And in my heart I always seek to feel the truth.

My mother knows the answer because I have told her.


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