Saturday, May 21, 2005


I got the remix of the track I shot the music video for a couple of days ago... and I like it, although it did not fit the current video edit as well as it should have I jigged it about and the video now really goes well with the remix.

The problem was that I then had 2 x 25 second chunks of video with no fucking footage too put inside.

Being devious and lazy and decided to make a lot of the footage half speed (and therefore twice and long) to fill the gap - and lo and behold it actually works better, creating a really nice contrast between the half speed footage and the full speed dance footage.

Which goes to show that artistic acheivement is as much luck as it is judgement.

Anyway, I am really liking the re-jigged video, I still have a few hours to sit down and finish it off but I am really quite happy with it. Tonight I am off to a party at some VIP room in some trendy club in London.

I must be getting old, but I really cannot be arsed.


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