Friday, June 03, 2005

I actually learned something

Yes indeed. I actually learned something totally new the other day that I have never heard before and I have never really understood. On a busy street in South London in the middle on the afternnon it happened.

Two days ago there was a phone call, she asked me to come over because she needed a hug. I bought a return train ticket and metally allowed myself 20 minutes before I would have to return back and go to the gym.

I ended up there for over two hours, we laid on the grass, I even took my top off and did some cartwheels on the grass in my white vest. Before I had to go I leaned up against a brick wall and held her close to me. We were giggling and kissing and hugging like fucking children. I stood gazing into her eyes in the most cliched and icky way you could possible imagine. Out in the middle of the street on the main road in full view of everybody. I simply did not care.

As we stood there I saw her eyes and I could see so clearly the honesty of the emotions she was expressing. There was no doubt and there was no mistaking what I saw. And then it washed over me like a wave, the realisation,

'what an awesome reponsibility it is to have somebody love you.'


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