Thursday, May 05, 2005

I Cannes if I want

Fuck me, but are stupid puns a waste of time.

Anyway, I have 1 short film in the short film market at this years 2005 Cannes Film festival. I am seriously giving it thought as to whether or not I should go, I will have some form of acreditation because of my film but I have not got enough behind my next two projects to really warrant a trip out there. My producer is going and so too are two of my good friends. So I have options for who to tag along with.

On a long enough time line I will HAVE to go out there simply because that is the place to be.


Arguments for:

It is will be a research trip, so that next time when I go with a more serious intent I will not be a total newbie struggling to understand what the deal is.

Arguments against:

What's the point? The projects I have in development are not developed enough to shmooze and network with.

It costs quite a bit of money.

Really, what IS the point... if I go out there WITH a proper intention then it will be totally different flex, and one I will have to deal with as and when the time comes, and now I would just be some loser like everybody else.

Maybe like many things I should just follow my gut - and right now my gut tells me that it is not the time. So go figure.


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