Sunday, April 10, 2005

Public Vs. Private

It has been a quiet few weeks. Nothing newsworthy has developed. At least nothing that I am gonna blog about. A long while back I posted about the difference between Internal vs. the External changes and developments. Well, internal developments are boring to blog about but they are perhaps more significant and profound than the external. But the external stuff is usually more interesting.... but often shallow.

Also, I have always pondered how many details about my personal life I would be willing to put down here. The odd reality is that I am quite a private person.

I also ponder how long this blog will keep going for. I never started it to be read by anybody, I just liked the idea that somewhere I would be able to keep a record or a log of the changes I am trying to promote in myself and in my life. I heard the other day an interesting way of looking at things:

Each of us already carries the skills and abilities that we learn in this life - almost like a DNA blueprint - a baby is not a baby, it is an adult that is still developing - and we spend our days discovering what already exists inside us. So I wonder what is inside me, that I am yet to discover... I hope I am a good father and a good husband... of course I intend it to be years before I find out, but I wonder nevertheless.

Anyway, I seem to have a steady flow of readers, I am not sure who you are... but I am sure it is just the same handful of people flicking past every now and then.

So I greet you and thank you for dropping by.

Be sure to come back again sometime.



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