Friday, April 22, 2005

This ought to be fun.

I woke up at 1430 and I turned on my mobile; 6 voice mails and 3 text messages.

Most notably one from my producer that read:

"Fancy shooting this urban promo this weekend? Sunday is the only day the venue is available.... Let me know."

I called him straight back,"Run that by me again?"

He outlined some details.

Next I quickly called my boss for my regular job to cancel two days work - half of my Friday shift and my whole Sunday shift (lost money, but fuck it, my priorities lie elsewhere.)

Then I called back my producer.

"Okay. I'll do it."


As simple as that.

Sounds exciting but it ain't. Well it is exciting to me. But the reality is not so glam: the budget is virtually non-existant and the idea is gonna be really limited cos the locations are already set. It seems that it is only gonna be a performance based video and right now I have no idea what the resources we have available. I gonna have to make some calls.

Now, given the ridiculously small budget and the fixed location I am gonna have my work cut out to make it look bigger and better than it actually is.


My second music video.

This ought to be fun.


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