Thursday, April 21, 2005

I love London

Maybe it's because I'm a Londoner; that I love London Town.

Anyway, I had the wickedest of wicked nights out last night. We went to the big Salsa night in a big club in the Centre of London... I say 'we' and I mean, my beautiful girlfriend and I. Truly I can say that I was so happy to find out that she can dance... I had taught her a few Salsa Moves a couple of weeks ago but she has never done a lesson before.

When we got there she was quite nervous about it since it was a big club with a big dance floor and a lot of REALLY good dancers.

"Fuck it, nobody cares whether you're good or not... and besides, you're with me"

And then I took her had and dragged her to the dance floor.

I really pushed her hard and she did surprisingly well, little did she realise at the time was that I steered her right to the centre of the dancfloor where everybody could see us. But she took to it really naturally, honestly - I was rusty and I kept on fucking up but in my eyes it was better to draw attention to my mistakes and then shrug them off, than to let others notice her mistakes.

Besides, the vibe was so hot and the crowd so relaxed that if anybody honestly looked at us and remarked to themselves that we were shit then they can suck my balls.

I had a wicked time, and so did my girlfriend.

Maybe I'll see some of you guys there one time.



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