Monday, April 25, 2005

Adapt or Die - Hurrah!

It is 02:40am - I got fucking 3 hours sleep last night so now it is time for me to catch up.

Today I shot that music video I have been talking about... given the logistical constraints of the shoot: The budget, locations, artist, extras and so forth I feel I did the best I could do.

It was a totally performance based video, we did 3 sets up inside the club and 4 set up outdoors. This time I am not editing it which is good, because I really cannot be arsed, but I would like to nip to see the editor in a couple of days to see how the edit is coming together and make sure he gets all the stuff we need - and uses all the good stuff we shot.

On a personal level there are things I have learned from today, and more than anything, that is what today was all about. I was not born with the skills required to direct commercials/music videos/short films - I am developing them as I go on.

And with the successes and failures of today I must quietly reflect and make sure that above all else I learn from them. Music Videos are a different discipline from Drama/Commercials but as is a favourite expression of mine: I must Adapt or Die. And I have no choice but to learn how to handle my shit so that I get better and better.

Anyhow, for now I must rest.

Night Night,

Peace and Love

x <--- for Maggot, I miss him and he seems like he needs a kiss.


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