Wednesday, March 02, 2005

I am the devil

Why am I in such a bad mood?

Really, I think it is simply the subtle build up of various small factors - none of which on their own amount to anything more than minor annoyances. But still, I am in a really bad mood. I had two entire days to myself and I was going to do some serious work on editing this music video but instead I dossed about spending most of my time having lunch or chasing around after a 20 year old music student.

(Although I would argue that this is indeed a very valid use of my time)

Last week I met a compositor who was going to help finish off the animation for the test commercial I shot (EIGHT MONTHS AGO) and he agreed to do the project and then I was happy.

The next day he phones up to cancel.


Compositors do not grow on trees.

For those of you that do not know I shall explain what a compositor does:
We have animation over a live action background... the animator does all the animation, but a COMPOSITOR, composites, IE superimposes the image over the background. But they have to make sure the "keying" is correct, they have to fix any Transparencies as well as often having to make motion paths relative to the movement of the camera.

Basically they superimpose the image and make sure it moves the right way and does not look shit.

And a good one is hard to find.

Anyway, since I was the one who arranged the meeting with him last week I decided to have it in that bar where my Latvian friend worked. Since I am the 'boss' I might as well make things as fun for myself as possible. After the meeting I strolled over and had a short chat with her. Her incompetant manager came over and was fussing around over some nonsense and I managed to cuss him in Russian so that she understoon, but he did not.

And at that moment I was overcome with a mild feeling of accomplishment. I have a long way to go, but I am slowly building up my knowledge of this crazy language.

Anyway, my list of tasks is long and boring and whilst I am at work now, there are a few things I can be getting on with. And at least I am being paid by someone else to be doing this.




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