Tuesday, February 15, 2005

I am a chameleon

I look in the mirror and I don't quite recognise myself, even though I am in my natural state of being.

I look more like myself, yet now I no longer like it. I look like how I used to be. Not how I feel I am.

You see, I have cut off my bleached blonde hair highlights. No longer do I look like a trendy-media-darling or new skool terrorist from any of the die hard movies. I simply look ordinary.

I have a wedding to go to in one months time. I am an usher, and I think I must re-do my highlights for the sake of the photographs. (but I won't go totally blonde this time) The wedding is that of my oldest friend and it is testimony to the power of the internet - He met his wife-to-be on an internet dating website - which I suppose is not such an out of the ordinary thing these days.

Nonetheless, these last couple of days have been fairly anti-climactic. Doing nothing is not fun when you have nothing you should be doing instead. In a little while I am off to go and digitise the footage from the promo I just shot.

(Promo is the used term for music video)

I will have a go at editing this promo myself at home, but I don't think my laptop is quite up to it - (768 Ram, 2 gig P4) not shit by any means, but just not up to a full on edit.

Anyway, tomorrow I am back to work on my night job. Which is good because I need to fund my playboy lifestyle somehow. But also immeasurable boring. I will resume my Russian Lessons and go to the gym every day that I work. So at least I am developing something.

This Saturday there is a big event in a nightclub in Croyden somewhere which I think I'll go along to. It should be cool, and I haven't been out to a club since New Years Eve.

Anyway, I am quite exciting about seeing the footage tonight, but also a little apprehensive because it won't be quite how I remember it.

But that is fine.


I go now.

x <--- this is for my newest reader. (A girl of course)


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