Sunday, February 13, 2005

And the Winner is...

So much for my lie in.

After 3 hours sleep I am awake.

Wide Awake.

This happens every time after a shoot. I get so wired and high from the excitement that it takes a while to come down afterwards. And my body gets used to the lack of sleep that I can rarely sleep well.

Anyway, in my minds eye I can flick back and I see the footage that we shot and it looks good.

Really fucking good.

Making movies (my generic term for motion video/film) it like paint by numbers. You have a script and a shotlist and then you have to add each colour as you go. And as you add each colour it begins to paint a clearer picture of the end product.

Yesterday afternoon I sat on my bed and gazed out of the window at the clouds. Within minutes the sky darkened and it began to rain, and then suddenly the sun broke through and blue sky was everywhere.

I was very calm, and I could sense the blank canvas we had. I knew that in 16 hours or so, the canvas would be filled.

Everything was in place. All the kit was packed and ready to move. The actresses was crew all knew where to go to. The props were ready and the locations were set.

Most crucial and important of all I knew the script and the shotlist.

So even though the canvas was blank it had pencilled in a diagram and some numbers. Telling me where to paint and what to do. All I had to do was handle my shit and fix my business.

CUT TO 16 hours later.

And now the shoot is in the can - we got everything we needed and I am really happy with the way it went. It was fucking magic.

I shall leave you with a Darling Maggot style memory from the shoot:

It is about 3:46am and I am squashed against the wall huddled in the corner pointing a spotlight at the back of the two dancers we have.

We have been shooting for about 12 hours but the crew is still good and the dancers are still warmed up.

I am sitting there giving directions to the dancers but carefully keeping a spotlight on the back of them.

There are three things I must point out that make this moment so excellent:

1. They are dressed like sluts, with fishnet stockings and quite whorish clothes (In a tasteful way of course - I must stress my artistic class)

2. I remember a text message that my friend send my about 2 hours ago telling me how he just got a free lap-dance in the club he went to.

3. I am doing my best NOT to stare at their legs and up their very short skirts since I am on the floor virtually looking up at them less than 2 feet away - I am a professional (apparently) and I am supposed to be doing something called 'directing' NOT perving.


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