Thursday, December 09, 2004

2004 Highlights TOP TEN #5

In no particular order

TUESDAY JAN 20th 2004

Carrying a spring in his step and filled with false confidence, The Lord of Doom strolled into the Salsa club. He was a long way away from the first lesson he'd had a month previously in Prague.

'Salsa lessons in prague', he thought to himself. Had such a jet-set sound to it. These losers would be no match for his Salsa skills. He'd journed across seas to learn this exotic dance in faraway lands. This would be easy.

"Yeah there's a beginner class," His friend A-- had re-assured him. Entering the main hall and staring at the circle of bodies, twisted and contorted in devious Salsa moves he froze in abject terror.

He turned to A-- "There is no fucking way I can do that, I've only had one lesson.WHAT THE FUCK ARE THEY DOING?"

"That's the beginner class." His friend replied bemused at the fuss.

"There is no way those guys are beginners, what the fuck are they doing? I can't do that." With his false confidence betrayed he sharply turned and sat himself down in the darkest corner he could find.
"I'm gonna sit and watch."
"Suit yourself." and A-- promtly walked off to join the class.

(As it turned out... it hadn't been the beginner class at all - the beginner class had been in the next room. But this was discovered too late.)

Later that evening, A-- brought over some of his friends. The Lord of Doom smiled as he was greeted by a charming young lady. S-- her name, although she preferred to be called S--. He hadn't noticed her before but in a simple gesture of kindess she made a first impression more lasting than any smile or glance would ever acheive.

Leaning over she asked him if he would dance with her. After mumbling fora few moments that he did not know many moves and had missed the class. She ignored his pleas and led him to the dancefloor.

The walk was infinate. Every giant step, a giant leap, taking him closer to the impending doom that was his embarrassment of not knowing what to do.

A deep breath.

Fuck it.

Here goes.

And suddenly it was easy. She responded gracefully to his uncertain lead.

She had style. Definately she had style. And between counts she'd throw in a couple of moves, a sideways glance. Her hair would twist and flick around.

Damn she looked good.

She invited him to raise his hand on the count of 5, letting him know that she would spin when given this signal

I can do this thought the Lord of Doom.

Raise your hand.

Easy peasy.

Several times The Lord of Doom counted in his head but kept on missing the 5 count, eventually he made it and raised his hand just as his mental counting reached 5 . And then as if by magic a beautiful thing occured.

Perfect in it's performance.

Immaculate in its form.

She pivoted and turned.


The Lord of Doom could Salsa!


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