Friday, September 24, 2004

The Quest for Sushi

Very recently a change has come about within me. I am not sure where this change has come from, I suspect that it is the logical outcome of several variables.

1. A willingness to try new things.

2. A delight of many things eastern.

3. An enjoyment of fish.

4. Stupidity.

Nonetheless, I have become obsessed with Sushi.

And today I had a meeting with my animator and we went to a sushi place in soho. Amusingly enough he is a vegetarian and hence, barely touched the stuff beyond a few vegetables but I myself was in heaven.

Seared Sesame Salmon Sashimi - As my old English teached taught me, the alliteration cannot be accidental - indicitive of the smooth, succulent, sensuous taste. Pure bliss. No less.

Nevertheless the animation is coming along nicely and should look very good once done.


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