Tuesday, October 19, 2004

My Problem.

It would be boring if I whinged on about how depressing it is when people you are waiting to deliver stuff utterly fail to deliver.

But it is the bane of my existence - Unreliable People - and I have to have a rant.

I wonder how much time I have wasted simply waiting for other people to do what they SAID they would do. If I added it all up I am sure that it would total months. I am a busy man and I have things I want to do.

The most fantastic part of it is that I wonder where I would be if they had all done what they said they would. Because every delay upsets the progress of each consequential step.

Anyhow, it is my observation:

There are broadly two types of people:

1. Those that do.

2. Those that don't

Those who fall into the latter category are often afflicted with a dangerous disease: the main symptoms include a chronic and persistent desire to make false and empty promises. Success in life for the rest of us will largely be affected by an our ability to recognise these people; for they are to be avoided.

I am reminded of that cliche- If you want something done, it is best to do it yourself.

Yes this is true but only to a limited sense. It is waste of time to do everything yourself and you will eventually get tired but sometimes it really is better to just do something yourself because often the amount of time and effort it take trying get somebody to make good on a commitment would have been better applied in doing that task yourself in the first place.

When I eventually have children I will hammer one thing into their heads.... Always make good on your word. You will EARN a tremendous amount of respect from others.

And if you DO fuck up on a promise - MAKE IT GOOD. AND BE SEEN TO MAKE GOOD ON IT.

In conclusion: There are not many things worse than unreliable people. And in contrast: There are few things more beautful than a promise fulfilled.

Remember my words.


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