Saturday, October 30, 2004

Music Videos

I was due to shoot a music video for a London based hip hop group but the record company has postponed the shoot until next year. This is fair enough as they are concentrating on the first single release. If it does shit then the second single - and subsequently the second video will not happen... but I hope it works ok.

Nonetheless, I have lined myself up to shoot an ultra low budget video for a eltronica/techno group for which I have adapted an old short script of mine. I think the idea is solid and it will work very well as a low-budget video - but it will still have a certain style and production value to it. I want to shoot it before Christmas to fill in the gap that was created by the delay of the first video.

But today I had a meeting with an unsigned London based rapper whom I only met yesterday. His music is good and I am working on a concept that I think is both original and good. Of course I would think that, but after a while of doing stuff like this I can say I have a fair idea of what I am capable of and I am able to trust my instincts. After all, I simply do not have the time/energy/resources to waste on any old shit.

It is funny how things seems to move onwards and upwards. I am learning how to handle myself and how to conduct myself. If I keep moving in the direction I am then everything should come to me in the way that I hope, there are times however when I get impatient.

IE. I have met two people recently that want to see my showreel - but it is not completed, but both of these people are good links for MORE Work... so I really need to move forwards as quickly as possible.

Nevertheless, I must do what I must do.


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