Friday, September 17, 2004

10,000 metres

Today I deciced to run 25 laps of the running track with only my iPod to keep me company

It took me 80 minutes and brings the total number of KM I have run this week to 20.

Which is a very sub-standard time. However I have not managed to run this distance in over a year. (it is almost insulting to other runners to actually classify my activity as "running" because I was so slow)

Nonetheless, I never realised this, but last year when I trained to run the Nike 10k, there was a Moroccan chap who used to hurtle past me on the track like a speeding Gazelle with such grace and swiftness that it rendered my entire effort nothing more than ugly and pathetic - anyhow, as I later learned, he, like many of those who train at the track is an international Athlete! and if my information is correct, he actually won the Olympic Gold for the 10,000 meters.

Anyhow, I have managed to lose about 4lb of weight. I am 11 and 3/4 stone or 74 kg, depending on how you want to measure it. My vanity is such that I want to return to the weight that I was when I was 19... 11 1/4 stone... (71 kgs? I think)

But it is not total vanity, I figure that any target is obtainable if worked for so I see no reason why I should not at least aim for excellence. Who knows. I may even succeed.


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