Thursday, October 14, 2004

New Objectives.

Since returning from Egypt I have suffered with some persistent gut rot that means I have to remain fairly close to a toilet in case of an "attack".

The plus side of this is that I have lost weight. - I am now 74 kgs

The negative side is that I suspect this is split evenly between fat and muscle since I have not trained for 3 weeks.

My advice to anybody who wants to lose weight is to get sick. The only other time I lose weight was last Chistmas after I poisoned myself with a poulty based illness. ( Probably I did not wash hands properly when cooking Christmas turkey) Nevertheless I have some new objectives.

To Lose weight. Maybe get down to 70 kgs.

But without losing strength.

I can do 6 pull ups with a +20 kg dumbell strapped to my feet. and on the Bench press machine I can Bench Press 8 reps of 99 Kilgrams. I must retain this level of fitness as a standard,.

Anyhow, I have entered the Nike 10k Race this year. Last year I came 12,000 or so out of 20,000 runners. My time was a measly 70 minutes - this year I intend on doing it in 60 minutes. which should be cool.

This year the race will involve 30,000 runners and will take place as night thought the streets on London on 28th November at 7:00pm. It looks like fun.

I need to start training.


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