Tuesday, May 22, 2007

POSTAL (2007)

I heard from a friend that there was a screening of this movie in Cannes that pissed off a lot of people who went and saw it. My friend then told me what happened in the movie, and I was shocked - South Park would not have comedy as offensive as this.

I simply HAD to watch this film: it might have been my only chance to see what is going to be the most controversial movie of the year (if it finds a distributor.)

And I mean that. This is the most controversial film you're ever going to hear about this year, or next year - or for the next five years I reckon.

After a mad rush to get there on time the second screening was jam packed, word of mouth had already created a stir.

I'm not going to say anything about what happens in the film. But put it this way: I rarely walk out of a movie with a genuine charge of emotion. This movie blew me away, it stepped over lines I didn't even think possible - yet equally it is the most politically even and fair movie I've ever seen.

It's going to upset a lot of people, but those smart enough to look past the noise that they are going to hear; and listen to the movie's clear message will walk away invigorated.

I was lucky enough to catch the director Uwe Boll outside and we talked for a few minutes - he gave me his card and said we should stay in touch.

That made me happy.

And for the next 30 minutes I talked non-stop with some other guys about how awesome that film was. And then for the next few days after the screening I think I told EVERYBODY I spoke to in Cannes about it.

It was a real treat for me to catch this movie: the fucking highlight of my festival.


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How was it for you? How was your screening?

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