Sunday, December 26, 2004

Sulphuric Acid and what not to do with it

Picture the scene - Christmas day, at home with your family- it is now evening and it is your turn to do the washing up. A perfectly normal and reasonably experience.

And so, I start the washing up and quikcly cleaned the first batch which consisted of oven dishes, baking trays and so forth. The water was now greasy so I pulled the plug to drain the water in order to fill up the sink with fresh hot and soapy water. Straight away I noticed that the water was draining very slowly - The drain was obviously blocked again. I left the room to give it time to drain away completely, and of course to allow myself to to munch some chocolates in the living room with my sister.

About 15 minutes later I returned into the kitchen. There was an odd smell and instantly my eyes began to sting. My mum was mutterly something about the sink and trying to unblock the drain.

As I moved further across the room towards the sink, my eyes began to sting more. Getting closer and closer to the sink I noticed an awful smell and the burning sensation in my eyes became unbearable.

Some of the words that my mum was uttering began to make sense.

Unblocking Sink

Sulpluric Acid


"Open the back door now!" I instructed, "this is not safe, mum, it's burning my eyes - you need to get fresh air in here now!"

I backed away from the sink covering my eyes which were now stinging badly. I had seen the damage. And it was bad.

The good news was that I never had to finish off the washing up.

The bad news is, that for the next two hours I had to rinse all the cooking utensils from the cupboard below the sink, underneath the tap in the garden. This had to be done because the acid burned through the bottom of the sink and into the cupboard below and all over our pots and pans.

Oh yeah, and today (boxing day), instead of going to the sales and searching for a nice (and excessively expensive) Dolce and Gabbana shirt from Selfridges as planned, we had to go sale shopping for a new kitchen sink because the old one is a total write-off.

And as I write now, my mum and sister are doing the washing up in the upstairs bathroom.

Still, you have to laugh. In the greater scheme of things I think we had quite a normal Christmas.

Ho ho ho

Lord of Doom


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