Monday, February 20, 2006

Local People

I had a chat with the local Muslim Immam this evening. I met him briefly a couple of weeks ago when I was helping out the political guy in his election whatnot so he recognised me today.

It was really cool to chat with this guy, he was very down to earth and he had an excellent handshake (always a sign on good character). All in all it was very good to talk to him and I found him to be very articulate and we were on the same wavelengths in many ways. I have a lot of sympathy to their current plight because the actions of the few have been prejudicially represented in the media. This has left the vast majority of people with a very wrong opinion of Muslims.


We concluded that Education is the key. Both academic and personal. The more people know about things, each other, culture, science, the arts, religion, geography, then the more understanding and tolerant we become. Equally, educations causes people to aspire to higher standards, to better themselves etc.

But anyway. Who cares what I have to say?



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