Sunday, February 19, 2006

Thank God for Sisters

This weekend gone I went to visit my sister who lives down in the South of England along the coast... Brighton to those of you that know it.

Truly, I can say that even though we didn't actually DO a lot, I had the absolute BEST time. It was so nice just being around my sister (it's never been mentioned but she is actually my twin sister) so me and her are the same age and obviously have been through lots of stuff together. I played Final Fantasy X (on her PS2 and with her copy of the game as she is a fan too- I brought down my Memory Card) and we watched the first few episodes of Firefly on DVD which is an awesome TV series. I cooked some King Prawns and Chicken for her and we just monged around.

It's wierd that it's only now, I'm 27 that I really appeciate my sister. I suppose I look at the two of us and see that we are grown up (almost) and only now do I see that I'm there for her and she's there for me. But AS adults. This is a lonely horrible world and people come and go, but my twin sister will always be my twin. It is awesome having a lovely sis who is an adult who can take care of me when I need it!

She even bought me sushi! We went down to Moshi Moshi and I had some lovely Salmon, Tuna, Sea Bass and some nasty squid... yuckity yuck.

Peace and Love


ps. God bless sisters.


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