Thursday, March 09, 2006

Meet My New Friend.

In just under a week I will have been going out with my beautiful 21 year old girlfriend for 1 year.

Actually, that is a lie, she will be 22 and 1 day old... So my beautiful 21 year old she shall no longer be. But, nonetheless, together for one year we will have.


For her birthday/our anniversay she wanted me to 'make' her something. Of course, she expected something simple. Like a card.

She did not reckon upon my creative impulse.

After 9 hours of sitting in my bedroom stiching and cutting and stuffing, my new 'friend' has been born. He is Pink and he looks like a bit of a Mongy - So, Ladies and Gentlemen, Please meet Minky.




Some of you are more interested in other stuff, I know you are looking at my hair and thinking that it is not very blonde.

1. That is the light making it look bronze/ginger/unnatural.

2. It is the beginning stage of my blonde. I am building it slowly.

3. Anybody have a real Cartier watch I can have?


Anonymous tilda said...

Dude, I never thought anything that was pink could look soo goddam scary.

(Give us a head shot, we need to appreciate the blond).

Do you think you could sell your 'cartier watch' on ebay? Go to one of those shops at tube stations or something..Get it fixed and sell it as vintage.
Seriously.. some fool will buy it, and you could be at least a grand richer.

Please send me sushi recipe.


3/09/2006 3:24 am  
Blogger dotdotdot said...

Thought that thing was your girlfriend for a second, was getting a little disturbed.

Your hair is a slight shade of ginger in that pic- go buy some L'Oreal Couleur Experte and you can have a "haircolour with dimension"!

3/09/2006 8:00 am  
Blogger Doom/Blondie said...

Tilda - Yes - Some fool on e-bay WOULD buy it.

But then I'd burn in hell.

Kat - Hmmmmm... I might check that out. But I mam gonna get a new lot put in soon.

Right. I'm off to the cartier boutique to get my fake watch.

3/09/2006 9:45 am  
Blogger Doom/Blondie said...

oh yeah - the sushi recipe is not really a recipe- nay, rather a technique. I'll post it properly soon

I have nearly learned enough to put together a 'how to'

3/09/2006 9:47 am  
Blogger london cokehead said...

And I'm supposed to be the one on drugs ??

3/09/2006 3:00 pm  
Blogger Smartypants said...

Um. The scary pink thing is scary.

(But creative. Very creative.)

3/09/2006 9:29 pm  
Blogger gusgreeper said...

sooooooo what you come by my blog leave me some rad comments i start checking out your blog i link you and now no link back.... no more crushed... ;)

congrats on 1 yr! and that is a really fucking COOOOOOOOOOOOOOOL thing you made. i may have to ask you to help with my sock monkeys :)

3/09/2006 10:08 pm  
Blogger Doom/Blondie said...

Guscreeper/corinne - sock monkeys.... hmmmm.... maybe I should do one of those soon....

smartypants - the pink thing has a name - his name is MINKY. and fucking tiny bits of Minky are all over my bedroom. EVERYWHERE. Nice photo of you on your blog.

3/09/2006 10:55 pm  
Blogger Smartypants said...

Glad you liked it. = )


3/11/2006 1:58 am  

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