Wednesday, March 08, 2006

The $3,500 saga continues

I explained to him that the watch had been given to me and that it did not work. But before paying to have it fixed I wanted to check it's authenticity.

He asked to see the watch and then examined it. He murmered to himself, "it all seems to be in order," he then got one of those tiny magnifying glass things that all jewellers have and then inspected the watch closely.

"Good news, I can confirm that the watch is indeed genuine."

To prove this he passes the watch and a magnifying glass and shows me the tiniest of tiny Cartier logos hidden in one of the roman numerals on the dial.

"This detail is never copied."

"And the value of the watch?" I ask.

"That depends on the condition, but it would be £2,000 new."

I pass on my details to him and he takes the watch to be repaired.

I leave.


And then today I get a letter in the post:

"Dear Lord of Doom,

We write with regard to the watch you you recently sent us for our attention.

We regret to advise that after further examination and research with our archives department we can confirm that your watch was not manufactured or distributed by Cartier..."


So after 5 days of thinking is was valuable I now find that the watch is worthless. Easy come easy go as they say.

But it fooled the man in the Cartier shop. It was given to me in good faith. So I wonder, how many people are walking around with watches they believe to be real?

And the fucking watch STILL is broken.



Anonymous tilda said...

Oh lord thats annoying.

Since it's a fake can't a regular watch place fix it??

3/08/2006 9:18 pm  
Blogger Doom/Blondie said...

I'll take it in tomorrow to another place. Cartier wanted £150 to repair it AS a cartier... I'll take it to a local place tomorrow.

It is a fake - But it's a pretty convincing one though and it was still a present so I might just get it fixed and keep it.(some of the 'fakes' still go for £100 - £200 so go figure that out)

I'll tell everybody the truth-- that the MAN in Cartier said it was genuine!
(hee hee)

3/08/2006 10:37 pm  

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